Refer a friend

refer a friend

Our refer a friend scheme is a quick and easy way for you to earn a £20 gift card

Our refer a friend scheme is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps and claim your rewards today! 
Step 1

Choose one of our plans

Choose one of our boiler cover plans which cover the boiler

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Step 2

Make your first payment

Make your first payment on your chosen boiler plan 

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Step 3

Refer your friend

Tell you’re friends and family about our great boiler cover plans. If they sign up then its time to claim your reward! 

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Step 4

Send over the following

After you’ve referred someone and they’ve signed up, send over the following information to our email 

  • Your referrals name
  • Your referrals email 
  • Your referrals postcode 
  • Your name
  • Your postcode
Thats it! 

We’ll then be in touch with you to send over your £20 gift cards 
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Why choose us

Cheaper, Competitive boiler cover plans For all

Over 10 years of experience 

No price increase 

Speedy and reliable service 

Value for money